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I chose this bag after returning another down bag that was quite disappointing. Why Western Mountaineering? Well, my husband has a 5 degree Antelope, to which I have "stolen" on a couple of cold nights and the reputation for great products that WM holds. Plus, after dealing with a foreign gear company (to MUCH frustration), I decided to bring it back home, going for "Made in the USA." Now, I am a TERRIBLY cold sleeper. I tend to bring clothes for the Arctic when it's just 30 degrees outside. I always cold camp in my tent as well. With these two components in mind, I decided to go with the Versilite for cost as well as weight. The first trip was a 6 day in the Yellowstone backcountry. While it was unseasonably warm, it did get to the low 30's to 40's at night. I was warm, starting the nights with the bag unzipped and bringing the zipper up as the temp dropped. My neck was warm with the nice collar. The loft was wonderful (and I made sure not to over-cinch my compression bag). Although WM tends to be more money, it's well worth it!

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Update....found out that LO AND BEHOLD, although my bag is a reg length and my husbands is longer, our bags zip together perfectly! Of course, I have a left zip and he has a right but it's perfect on a cold night where he sleeps hot and I'm always cold :-)