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By far my Favorite Board

The Rook is by far my favorite board in the Nitro line and by far the best board I've ridden in years. I like to have one board that can do it all. Powder, rails, jumps and trees, I've yet to find a condition the Rook hasn't been able to handle.

I've ridden the Rook in the Italian Alps, New England, UT, Northern California, MT Hood and in Washington.

The Rook is the one board I travel with because I know no matter what the conditions are like I'm guaranteed to have fun.

The Rook has the perfect Park Flex with catch free and predictable Zero Camber. The Rook's flat Zero Camber makes it feel like a pre-broken in board right out of the wrapper, it feels so natural, like you have been riding for months, but it still has all the fresh pop and kick of a new deck. It's easily the best of both worlds between Rocker and Camber.

It is impossible to not have fun the Rook. From it’s solid feel, lightweight and durable Austrian construction, to it's stable mid-wide shape and Zero Camber this board begs to be pushed hard, go fast and hit every bump, jib and jump in sight.

The Rook is the board of choice for the majority of the Nitro Team, our Sales Reps, Team Manager, in house staff and myself the Sales Director for Nitro. Jump on the Rook, you’ll be stoked you did.

Check the link to see our team riders Ricky and Joe having a blast on the Rook in the Canyons mini park.

By far my Favorite Board
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In case you're a bit confused by Vanbosch's picture, since it doesn't look like the board at the top of the page. The board he put up is the LE Version of the Rook with graphics done by Dennis McNett. The board has the same exact construction, just a different graphic. Check out the link below to see the topsheet(s).