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Buy the Theta for skiing

Well, while I'm still pleased with the quality of this bib, it is not geared for a skier. I own both the Theta and was given this bib recently for Christmas (schwing). I really really wanted this bib to replace an much older TNF Mountain Bib that has been a mainstay for far too long for me. I purchased the Theta couple years back and it continues to impress me each time I'm out and about or on the slopes.

The main thing, IMHO, that you should know is this bib does NOT have an inner ski cuff to keep snow out.

It is extremely light weight and I have put it to the test recently with a 12" snow. This is a mountain bib, but not a skiers bib. The Theta rocks plain and simple.

Oh yea...I'm 6'2" 185lbs (34" waste 35" inseam) and the the Large-Tall fits great.

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Thanks for the helpful information. I was looking into buying the Alpha bib, because the front side seems to go over your chest more than the Theta. This would lead me to believe that the Alpha would be a warmer bib, but the lack of leg gaiters is a "deal-breaker" for me. I have a Cabela's Original Trans-Alaska Suit (you cannot buy this one anymore - discontinued in 2009, I bought it in 2007) and it also does not have leg gaiters. After an awesome ski trip in Big Sky Montana and getting tons of snow inside the bottom of the leg portion of the suit, I will not buy ski pants/bibs/suits without leg gaiters. Why? The snow and ice hardened on my insulating layers and I was very cold in that area. By the way, how are the Arc'teryx Theta bibs in terms of warmth and bulkiness? I'm looking for a bib with leg gaiters, of course, but is also lighter than my Yahama Value bibs (low end snowmobile bibs, very warm, but very bulky, also discontinued) and warm.