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Gear Review

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Buy old Cartels, not the Re:flex

This review is conducted on the premise of the Re:Flex system. The pre Re:Flex Cartels are amazing bindings. I was expecting a step up from them. Instead I got a colossal failure. There are several major flaws to this binding. The first is what "tastercakes" described. The baseplate do not turn perpendicular to the edges like other 4x4 baseplates. You can only mount them to shift from heel to toe, they are not able to be turned 90 degrees and shifted from nose to stance options are minimal. Also, the flex pattern is very odd. The front of the binding is very stiff because there is a strip of metal running running in front of the hinged baseplate, completely compromising the whole theory behind the Re:Flex system. However, on the heelside of the baseplate there is no metal rod, so on a toeside turn the heel of the binding will actually lift upwards of an inch off the board, making it about as useful as riding without a heel strap on a normal binding. Also, the gap created when doing a toeside turn creates the perfect gap for powder to get caked in there. On almost every pow run I'll get to the bottom and feel like i'm wearing high heels snowboarding, then have to take the time to dig out all the snow. The bottom line is: Burton took a perfectly good binding and destroyed it when they created the Re:Flex system. My advice, go on craigslist or ebay and buy some old Cartels with the solid baseplate and heel cup.