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I didn't buy my natives from backcountry but I wanted to write about them. I have had mine for 4-5 years now and still no scratches. They cut glare so much, you can look at the clouds and the sky looks more defined. Or I wear them riding enduro motorcycle, and what would usualy be a crazy glare off of a car in front of you, you can't even see the glare, it just simpley isnt there. Also, I always take bugs and branches to the face and they splatter on the lenses, but they clean right up. I wear them kayaking, biking, working construction, skiing, even swimming. I have a weird shaped head too, so most sunglasses look really big on my head. These are very tight and fit to my head (silencer). Other models fit a little larger. I probably sound like I work for Native, but these mofos improve your life. If I could have them surgicaly attached to my head, I would. Now thats love baby.