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Burton kit

This kit came exactly as described, everything in it is awesome except the pipe holder. The whole kit is too small really, but the pipe loop can't even hold my smallest piece, which i rarely use because i almost burn my eyebrows off everytime i use it. So i guess if you have a tiny pipe you can use it.

Another gripe i have with the kit is the stash box is way too small to hold more than enough stash to keep you good for an hour. You can hold enough "stuff" to fill a blunt and that is all, better carry your backpack to keep some fresh nugs in because the case can only hold stuff you've already ground up.

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If you have good s&%t, the kit holds more than enough for the whole crew. I can fit an eighth of deez in there no problem. if that doesn't do ya for the day...your doing it wrong. Also, the kit is the perfect size for nice fat bat. THese are the perfect pipes for the mtn anyway. Once again if your singeing your eyebrows your doing it wrong. Try cleaning your works better

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Preach Homie Preach....good stuff