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Bring Brunton Products Back!

okay personal opinion here... but Primus stuff SUCKS compaired to the stuff that Brunton was making. why they stopped making their stuff not to compete with Primus is insane. i've compared every single cooking device they have had simular to eachother and Brunton wins every single time! Why did the good stuff go away so that crappy stuff is all we're left with?

this stove here is a cheap attempt at a Brunton Raptor, which isn't even half as good as a Raptor...

BRING BRUNTON PRODUCTS BACK, or at least copy their designs to make your stuff better Primus!

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Why would you give this product one star? Are you honestly telling me that this thing doesn't work? I've had mine for a while now and it works just fine. The ignition doesn't always start the fire, but don't you usually have a lighter anyway? It is very small, weighs nothing, and boils water fast. No real complaints here...maybe not 5 stars, but get out of here with 1 star!!! Stop ruining the reviews for other buyers!!!