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Brightness vs Weight vs Size

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

If I never saw or owned an Orbit (smaller sibling 45 lumens, 84g), I would have have no comments. However, after comparing the Apollo and Orbit side by side, I would have to say that Apollo needs to be much brighter than the Orbit considering the greater weight - 84g vs 220g. with 45 vs 80 lumens. For over twice the weight, the light should be 3x greater in brightness to really make this light worthy of the extra weight since Orbit can do pretty much what Apollo can but a little dimmer.

Yes, the Apollo is brighter and throws a wider ambient lighting but Orbit is not overshadowed by it.Orbit is powerful for its size ? Orbit can hold its own. If I had the choice of one Apollo or two Orbits, it would choose two Orbits.

Apollo would be ideal when weight is not a primary concern compared to Orbit. Also Apollo does a better job placing it over uneven surface. Apollo also sits much higher, without additional support, which allow the light to be distributed in a larger area with minimal effort.

The build quality is great. The telescoping diffuser does not wobble when pulling it out like the Orbit. It also has a battery gauge. The overall form looks like the larger sibling of Orbit.

If you can afford the Apollo and Orbit, get both. Each has it's benefits. I got both on sale and own 2 Apollo and 3 Orbit.