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Gear Review

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Bought mine and this happened .. just use caution for an expensive toy !

Let 'er rip........This product is great and like everything else it has a down-side, and that would be the rear hatch on the contour HD. For example, on mine it was defective, and failed prior to even using it in any practical application that I intended to use it for in Afghanistan.

The power-button failed and didn't line up properly from the manufacturer causing an indention for a small button inside the hatch to become ajar and finally break away completely.

Listen I am not complaining gto bad at all in fact BackCountry shipped me a new one that I paid in advance for a replacement for Christmas recording, so, my verdict is still out on this product. They definitely need to think about making this product a little more durable. I will say this BackCountry will have your back on any product they are truly the best customer service by far than any company out there in the USA. Kudo's to BackCountry.

Now ...... Contour great customer service but their reaction speed and attention to detail for someone who just bought their product brand new was less than appealing.

At any rate be careful with that back hatch, and be careful for some of the batteries that come with this product get stuck within the compartment I guess a good or a bad thing considering you either shake it out or sharp object it out ???

Hope this post helps !

Alan Quevedo