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Boot & binding comparison(s)?..

Currently have Flows, prob moving to Unions during or after this coming season. Replacing my DEELUXE IDs after 3 good seasons, so how well would these 32's fit in to the scheme of things for me??

I am looking to get myself into a boot with a smaller foot print than the size 11 DEELUXEs, if possible.. These DEELUXE boots also fit snug at first but then packed out after the 2nd season. I ended up by the end with a lil wiggle room which led to heel lift no matter how tight I made them, but I do have some pretty scrawny feet. These boots also had about a 1/4" increase in the foot print size than my previously ridden Burton SL6s I agree with the views against heat molding the liners now.

So, I see there is only a size 10 or 11 left here, how would these 11s compare to what I had in recent history, and how would they fit in with what I mentioned for bindings??

I'll also be dropping back from Speed Lacing but that should be a good thing...

Thanks a mil guys, peace.

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Also I have to pay for the shipping if the size doesnt give me what I want. How is the consideration for products like boots, orded via internet and dont fit well, turn out? I am already aware of a break in time to get a smaller size..

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Oh, and it's rating being a 6 for flex; Hows that compare to my past DEELUXEs and SL6s??

Thanks again.

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Also heard that Ride boots can take me down in size...

Opinions on this?