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Boom! Montbell Delivered

Superlight and really wide-expandable and comfy. I’ve owned several bags and had to move up to something a bit warmer for some higher elevation trips. This by far is the warmest and most comfortable out of all the ones I’ve owned. Everytime I get it in, I don’t want to get out. No other bag compares! Highly recommended!!

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John, I have a question for you. I have had a Western Mountaineering bag for over 10 years, the MegaLite. I really love it, very packable and light, with excellent construction. I have went on countless trips with it, even lived out of it exclusively for 7 months in Afghanistan. Now I am looking at getting a new bag, the Western Mountaineering Versalite. But you say that this is the best bag around, and after lots of research on my own I have to agree it looks like it might be "the one". I guess what I am trying to ask is do you think that this bag is superior to the Versalite? Appreciate any input you have!

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Hi Kyle, they are both great bags. I have used a WM bag before and they are great! However I would lean towards the Montbell. I use this bag for Alpine climbing trips where its cold. At first I wasn't sold on the Stretch feature but after a couple of trips in the bag I wouldn't own any other type. I like to sleep on my side with my legs in a open scissor position, with the stretch it is comfortable to do and doesn't feel constricting. Personally I would only pick the Versalite if you are concerned about weight and saving a couple of bucks. It's all about preference, but you can't go wrong either way. I hope this helps.

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John- Thank you very much for the insight. I sleep the same way so I am glad to hear that you found it more comfortable. My WM bag fills the niche for a 3-season bag, and I think this one will be my high elevation/winter bag. I have cut weight in so many places in my pack that my bag can weigh an extra 13 ounces. Once again, great advice- thanks!