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Gear Review

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Bombshells bring sexy back, sort of

I was absolutely in love with these bindings the first 10 or so days I used them - they are also probably the only bindings on the market (at least that I could find after a few weeks of sleuthing) that actually fit my boots as-is out of the box - sz 21.5. If you have small feet, these bindings are your main option.

For going downhill, they are elegantly simple in how they work: stiff when you want it, flexy when you don't, and keep my feet attached to my planks. The pink doesn't hurt, either!

Uphill, I take the cable guides out for touring, as they suggested, and it works acceptably. The lack of a free pivot means you work a bit extra and going up steep stuff is kind of a hassle. Definitely not the best touring binding, but worth it for the way down if that's more your jam.

Bottom line: buy these if you have small boots, want down-focused bindings, like pink, and/or want to show the boys how it's done.

Bombshells bring sexy back, sort of