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Gear Review

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Bomb shelter

Me and my tent have been up many a mountain. Of course this is the bench mark in old school heavier bomb shelters. I put up this puppy (sing "My Tango")on the K2/Annapurna saddle (elev 14k ft) 7 years ago, in a 30 MPH wind. We were certainly "tango-in" about 6 min. even with mittens on. Minarets - a breeze(well maybe high wind), Mt Washington Vt. -walk in the park(not). Grindelwald in the snow-piece of cake(or torte?) Good ventilation, but once again old school non breather in the rain. Also it has started to stink, but hey, it seems to always go in the car (1990 Toyota thank you, money on airplanes not cars). It gets carried and used if the hike in is less than 3 miles (otta love that NPS Golden eagle for the free trail camp in the Nat Forest), or always taken if going over elev 8k ft. The ultra light stuff that fits in my Camelbak for weekender across the ditch and back is the back up. No complaints other than the weight. I wish it could be made out of that space blanket stuff and weigh 10 oz. I would pay $600 for that.