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Gear Review

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Would you buy a car designed by ferrari, and built by ford. I hope not. This is a great product idea which I really want to love. However, it looks and feels like a toy from the dollar store. Poor h20 proof battery seal, (utilizes a bogus O ring) which falls off way too easily. Batteries don't last. It works only when god wants it to. I took it on a two week outdoor survival course, and it quit working after 10-14 nalgenes. I replaced it, thinking it was just a lemon. Then backpacking in So Ut with it's replacement, it quit working one day into the trip, with new batteries. For an item that will either keep your body healthy and sustained or in peril, it has been built like a chinese water pistol. The customer service was terrible the 1st go around. Now on the 2nd they seem to acknowledge a flaw and have been a bit more helpful, which is irreleavent to the fact that it is hokey pokey piece of gear. My buddy has the Adventurer model, which seems to be a little better built and had no problems over two months of periodic use on the original batteries. If you want to give one a try, don't get the journey, the frowny or smiley face is cute and all, but a green and red light on the Adventurer will tell your Pavlonian mind the same thing. Green=good red=bad