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Gear Review

3 5

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This is not necessarily a negative review, I just have a few observations about this headlamp. Comparing this head lamp to my Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp I find a few short falls. First of all the light never seems to be where I want it, it seems that the Tikka 2 has an angle slightly lower than the Black Diamond Headlamp and when the headlamp on the black diamond is adjusted to a lower position to compensate it is just a little too low. Also it feels a little uncomfortable and I don’t know why, all I do know is that I never even know that my Tikka 2 is on my head whereas I am always fully aware that the Black diamond is there. Another observation is that the button on the top is a little difficult to find and turn on, compared to the Tikka 2 button which can be instantly found every time and has no difficulty in turning on. Finally for the price you get the strobe light feature with the Tikka 2 as well as the high and low beam, whereas the Black Diamond spot headlamp only has the high and low beam. This is not a bad headlamp I just prefer the Tikka 2.