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Black Diamond Mirage

As ultralight tents go, the Mirage is a nice tent. The materials are great, and quality appears to be high; however, it is not up to the design expectations of any tent in this price range. The most surprising information is the interior floor space is 26.5 sq ft, not the 30 sq ft every site in the world advertises. That makes the tent a very tight fit for two normal adults. Two 6 footers might have room for one pair of boots in the tent with them. The single door is a nice size, but with the fly/vestibule set up, the tent door and vestibule door are mere inches apart, and the usable space of the 10sq ft vestibule is mostly out of reach from the door. The vestibule is large enough for a couple pairs of boots and a pack, or two small packs, if you can reach around to get them there. I have not used the tent in rainy weather, but can tell it would be fraught with problems. If rain is coming down, water will get in the tent if anyone enters or exits, and even the small side access to the vestibule would make it difficult to get stuff in and out of packs. Anything in the vestibule will probably get wet if needed when it is raining. The fly vents are a nice touch, but cannot be closed, so great ventilation will happen at any temperature. As a two man tent the Mirage is very disappointing mainly because of the practically unusable vestibule. There are lighter, bigger, better designs available for less money. As a one man shelter it would be adequate (though heavy), though would still be iffy in rainy weather. In fair weather camping, this would be a decent tent. Personally, I would rather have one of the several currently available roomier tents with better design that weighs about the same.