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Big bunch of BS!

I call BS on this board. K2 is a mega huge public company owned by Mr Coffee and Crock Pot. They produce all of their gear in China where there are little environmental regulations. If they were truly environmentally friendly they wouldn't overproduce so much product. This is just a jump on the bandwagon to fool people.

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regarding Sheldon/BS comment... ummmm, i wonder where he gets his info & hate from. yes, K2 is owned by a conglomerate that owns numerous brands. still, all product is designed and developed in the good 'ol northwest. yes, product is built in a K2 OWNED factory in China. hey dude, where was your Iphone/Ipod/Scion built??? over-producing??? K2 is way more responsible in production than tons of other UNnamed brands.
lastly, how does change start? 1 step at a time, and little by little. this board proves that you can reduce materials greatly, and keep performance extremely high. i will refrain from any other comments on this dumb ass....