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Gear Review

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Big Arse Bag - yes, Functionality - eh...

Yes Stoic aka Backcountry is trying to make a name for itself in the outdoor gear market but like some have already stated, this bag is just not there yet. I bought this as a car trip bag because my wife always wants to take 13 separate small bags and I go crazy lugging each of them around. So I figured buy one giant arse bag and put the smaller ones inside, right? Well it sorta works but the structure, or rather non-structure, of the bag just makes packing a Tetris puzzle instead of a throw and go! The backpack straps are awkward and the duffle handles work but it's like you're carrying around a fridge if you get the XL version. Anyway if your not picky and just need a durable bag then get this, if not you really can't beat TNF for these kind of bags.