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Bibler Fitzroy

This tent is fairly easy to set-up just do it at home before taking it on a camping trip. Having to seam seal a tent as expensive as this one is a bit disappointing. But if it keeps it waterproof I guess it is worth it. A bit small for two large adults. My son and I found it snug and he is only ten years old. It did not build up any condensation with both ends slightly vented and a pack towel hanging from one of the poles. Did not get a chance to test it in a downpour. That will be the ultimate test. I will up date when I'm out in a rain storm!

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How the f does one seam seal a tent? Do you seriously have to do that with the newer fitzroy's?


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From BD's website
1) cut the applicator tip so the hole is slightly bigger so it is easier to dispense the sealer
2) after laying a bead of sealer on the seam run your finger over it to flatten it out making
sure it has covered the seam and and a little bit on each side of the seam
3) on the "double" seams, such as at the door, and the bottom corners of the tent,
I found that dispensing the sealer directly from the tube was easiest and allowed me to
lay it on a little thicker, especially around the snap

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Note to BD: Seam seal the tents before you sell them. What's next, I stitch together the seams myself as well?