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Gear Review

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Beware cable adjustment slots

I have an older pair of these bindings. They ski quite well but I recently got a new pair of double boots and adjusted my bindings to fit them. These bindings seemed a great deal--I can easily move the cables up on the adjustment slots and with some minor tweaks on top of that, also wear my older and shorter light weight boots some days. This is where my warning comes in: I checked everything out and seemed to be ready for a day out in my old,shorter boots, but the cable kept popping out of the adjustment slots on one binding. A closer, but sadly on-the-trail look showed that little teeth on the sides of the slots had broken off and there was no way to keep the cable in. It isn't something that is likely to happen on a new binding (and maybe Rottefella has fixed the problem), but beware, these binding could leave you dragging a leg like Quasimodo.