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Gear Review

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Better than the whisperlite..

I've used the whisperlite on numerous occasions and it will always be a good white gas stove for its price, but I've had too many experiences where it just crapped out on me. If you are willing to spend a little extra money I'd say get this one. What won me over was that you can practically use any type of fuel with this stove, which is important to me since I travel abroad often. This is my second summer using it and I've never had a problem with this stove. Its really easy to put together and prime, very user friends. All my friends who are used to the whisperlite are always suprised and impressed with the nova. I really like the on/off feature where you just lie the bottle from one side to the other, allowing or blocking fuel from entering the hose. My stove has never broke on me yet and in the the summer I use it every weekend.