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Gear Review

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Better sleep then I get at home...

On my fire crew we were issued two sleeping bags, the Switch and the Phantom from MH. Previously, I have always known that if I am spiking out on some fire that I will sleep horribly, its just how it goes for me. First off I liked this bag compared to my old bag because it can compress super small with a little bit of work. I used this bag for the first time on a fire in Idaho where I managed to dig out a little hole to try and make myself as comfortable as I could for the restless night. Next thing I know its 1am and I'm being woken up by another crew that had started a warming fire, I just slid inside my bag and rolled over. I woke up the next morning very refreshed. The bag kept me warm (I am always cold) and the insulation on the bottom had great cushion. I used this bag many times throughout the season and loved the expansion feature so that you didn't have to feel so restricted in the sack. The only criticism I heard from other crew members were people that were getting too hot in the bag. I would recommend Mountain Hardwear to anyone, in fact I want to buy my own Switch bag for non-fire use.