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Best shoe ever

I'm am not writing this because I work for Backcountry because I ran in this shoe long before I started here. This is the best road shoe I have yet to run in. For context, I'm 37 years old and I've been running since I was a young kid and ran competitively at a division one college. I've ran this shoe in all kinds of training runs and everything from 5K to marathon races. The models stay pretty consistent over the past 6 years. The things I like best about this shoe is it is very breathable so my feet never get too hot on really hot days and the weight feels just right. I have a pretty standard running style which means I don't over or under pronate and have strong ankles so I don't need much stability. The shoe has plenty of space in the toe box because nothing is more frustrating than getting a blister on the top of the toes. I bought the blue model this year and gotten so many comments on how neat they look. Lastly, this shoe is first and foremost a road running shoe. I've been getting into trail running lately and used this once or twice on the trail but the sole is just a little bit to soft and rocks would sometimes hit the top of my toes so this is definitely meant for road. I do like this shoe so much though that I'm still trying to find a trail shoe that fits and feels like this road shoe.

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Hi Peter
I'm running 20Kl 3-4time a week. do you know if this shoe is good for long distant and have a long life or in long distant they run out fast?

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Absolutely good for long distances, which is why I switched to the shoe in the first place. I would say their lifespan is average to good. If I was running just road I would probably buy 2 pairs a year. Now that I've gotten into trail running I buy 1 pair a year.