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Gear Review

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Best screw ever

I have had 1/2 a rack of these and 1/2 a rack of BD expresses for 7 years. If anyone who doesn't like the Grivels wants to swap, Ill pay the shipping! Great to get started with no hanger in the way. Speaking of the hangar, the low profile one is reasurring when placement angles are weird or the draw/screamer will pull in odd directions. The hanger takes 2 biners in a pinch. Super easy to place in tight spots or concavities with little to no fussing with site prep. They go in fast. While some may rave about being sharper than BDs, I find no difference there- both are good screws when sharp as for thread geometry- maybe that matters but if you are going to fall on an ice climb in the first place...

As for racking, its just a different system- once you get used to it there are no issues.