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Best of the best.

No other rope company comes close to the Bluewater's double dry treatment, and if you are using these for ice, you will definitely appreciate this. This is not just a topical dry treatment like most companies that wears off after a couple of sessions.... this is treatment permeates the core of the rope, making for a WAY BETTER dry treatment. These ropes aren't just for iceclimbing though, they are great for Alpine climbing when you need two ropes to get back down, or for other double rope techniques. Best of All, Bluewater is an American Made, and Family owned company, so you know that your money is going. Bluewater has the best quality control in the business, and every inch of every ropes is hand inspected before it goes out the door. Bluewater makes hands down the best ropes on the planet.

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The reviewer should be more careful with the words he uses, this rope is a twin and is not built to withstand the fall forces possible in "other double rope techniques". Twin ropes must be clipped to every piece, while double/half ropes may be alternated.