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I have one similar to this minus the two flatheads on the bottom, and the file and saw on top. There were other knives more similar but I wanted to make sure I reviewed one with the scissors, because they are just incredible. They were one of the main things I was looking for on my knife when I got it... in Interlaken, Switzerland. They cut through pretty much anything, nylon, rope, unreasonably thick plastic packaging, even 1/4" thick leather with no problem. I've had one with scissors on it practically my whole life, but I lost my small Swiss Army a year or so before going to Switzerland. Good reason to buy another :)

My point is, get a knife with scissors, they rock! everything else is top knotch on the knife also, I recently sharpened it (after three years going strong) and it's fresh again. I mean c'mon, I shouldn't have to say much, it's Victorinox, Swiss made products tend to be incomparable.

Best of the Best