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Gear Review

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Best goggles I've ever owned.

These are great goggles. The clarity and vision I have with them is amazing. I've never been one to invest much money in a set of goggles but these have been well worth it, even though I didn't pay full price. I have the G30 lenses in mine which are supposed to be good for all-around, everyday conditions including low and high light. I have found on a few occasions that I've had to switch to my amber-tinted low light goggles but for the most part the G30s handle well in low-light unless it's really dark and stormy. They're very light, durable, and have cool skull designs all over them. I'm still kind of at a loss as far as cleaning goes because I don't want to scratch them but the goggle bag seems to work well enough. My face is pretty narrow but they don't look too big on me- if you have a really narrow face these might be a little on the wide side.