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Gear Review

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Best for making the most of sidecountry

I put these on a pair of Head Super Mojos. While this is in no way a light touring set up, it is the best of both worlds for me whenever there is lift access involved. I enjoy bombing fast cruisers, and these skis literally lay waste to half chop, crud, and everything in between. Finally I now have the perfect combo of bomber binding I can also hike on which is also strong enough to put on a big, heavy, serious ski. While I haven't used the Marker bindings, the big plus with these is not having to take the ski off to free the heel. That, and the fact that they put the boot a bit closer to the ski really make them the better choice.
With any sidecountry skiing, sometimes it's not so much having the ability to free the heel for ascending as it is for making the return trip easier. Many times I've found myself in a flat area that needs traversing where popping the heel loose makes it go faster even though I don't get the skins out. That's what I've always loved Fritchis for, but have been wary of the Markers for. This binding makes for a truly All Terrain set up where their primary use is an alpine binding. For strictly touring I still use my light skis with the Fritchis, but it's nice to have both options now. As per the other reviews, I have found the need to utilize silicone spray to minimize icing, etc. and would ding them one star if my primary purpose was for touring, as it is not, I give these 5 stars.