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Gear Review

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Best camping purchase

I used to use my Thermarest Z-lite for nearly all my backpacking trips. I used it probably 30+ nights and every single time I would wake up extremely sore. Although I was hesitant to add the weight of a thicker inflatable pad, I figured it would be worth it for a decent nights sleep. I decided on this one. Its the best camping purchase I've ever made, hands down. I got the small size, since I don't really care if my legs are on a pad or not. The small size packs down *alot* smaller than my z-lite, and it even weighs less. Its about 10X more comfortable to sleep on than the crappy z-lite foam. I've gotten plenty of good nights of sleep on this thing. I've never really had any experience with other self-inflating type pads, but this one self inflates as advertised. I usually just let it sit in my tent for 10-20 minutes, come back, give it one, maybe 2 puffs of air, and its good to go.