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Best boot I've ever owned

I have the 06/07 Contra and it's a wonderful boot. I bought this boot for backcountry riding but it turned into my main boot. The only time I don't use it is in the park/pipe. I like my boots to be stiff and very tight. This is a very stiff boot. It is as stiff as any boot I've used but when it's on it doesn't feel like the typical stiff boot. It's actually comfortable!!! Even after hiking up a mountain!!! Also I said I like my boots tight. So tight that with laces I hurt my hands tightening them and I also with laces usually end up cutting the circulation off on my feet causing them to go numb. The boa saves me from both of these problems. Not only does it get as tight as I want with the ease of 2 fingers but by wiggling your foot around while tightening it creates very even tension and doesn't create pressure points. Also, if your feet do need a quick rest it takes .005 seconds to loosen them and about 20 seconds to tighten them back.