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Best bargain for titanium

I just received my 1100 ti set and it is just what I needed.
As soon as it was droped off at my door I had my stove out and ready to test it. The pot sits perfect on the Snow Peak LiteMax.
The pot can safely hold 4 cups of water to boil and the lid holds 1cup.. The lid fits nice and snug on the pot but I don't see me using it as a fry pan, but it does work well as a cup and to measure out 8oz at a time. The LiteMax stove brought 4 cups of room temp water
to a boil in 3 min. I can fit a large Jetboil gas canister, LiteMax stove, and a folding ti spork in the pot wrapped in a cloth with a little room to spare.
This is truly a bargain for A titanium pot and I will be ordering another one tonight..