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Best audio helmet on the market

between my boyfriend and I, we have 4 Red Hifi Subwoofer helmets. I love the Red Hifi because it is light weight and form fitting, if you have been skiing/riding without a helmet, try this out, once you put it on, it doesn't even feel much like wearing a helmet! Not to mention the subwoofer system is rocking, bass adjustment, if you have any tunes with heavy bass, the system will seriously shake your jaws, sound quality is clear. Just a reminder, it can be very loud, the guy sitting next to you on the chair will definitely hear your music.

only down side is that the connector of the subwoofer can get loose easily, and unlike the 1st generation Red Hifi helmet, the amount of vent windows are lower only has 5, so if you do sweat a lot, this helmet may be too hot for you during hiking.