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Best and most Versatile Carrier of this type

I posted this review previously, and thought it would be worth a re-post. The differences between the 2012 and the 2009 models are negligible - it looks like the newer version has a different kind of material on the hand holds, and the embroidery is slightly different. The 2012 model is well worth the cost.

I purchased this chassis in 2010, and have enjoyed it for a couple of years now. I purchased this along with the following kits: Jogging, Stroller, Hiking, Biking, Infant Sling, Baby supporter, and the hydration cage.

I am very impressed with the chassis itself - it has a solid feel and looks like it will last for ages. The material is strong and looks great - the wheels are smooth, and the adjustable shocks are great (especially now that I have a different-sized child on either side of the carrier requiring different settings).

The wheels are very smooth, and the drum brakes are awesome - this upgrade alone prompted me to spring for the extra cost involved. The UV protection is off the charts on this model, and I am able to protect my kids from the sun for hours at a time while they enjoy the scenery without getting sunburned. The rain cover has performed amazingly through many unexpected storms - there have been no leaks and water rolls off of the chassis. The padding is great - very comfortable for my girls.

I really like the versatility of this carrier - my newborn is able to hang out next to my 2 year old, and they are both very comfortable. When biking it has a low center of gravity, and we haven't been in any serious danger of flipping despite some risky maneuvers and unexpectedly sharp turns (as well as a collision or two :D). The chassis tracks very well and I am constantly surprised at how well it fits into tighter spaces along the trail.

It works well as a jogger, and the stroller kit is a must-have if you are going to use it for shopping or anywhere requiring tighter turns and maneuverability.

The Good:
1) Beautiful Chassis - a real head-turner
2) Great as a bike trailer jogger and stroller- seamlessly modifies from one to the next
3) CTS system is great - very adaptable
4) Very well-padded and comfortable for the kids - fold-down padding allows for helmet use while biking
5) Light-weight
6) Quality construction - very durable
7) Love the handle/hand brake combination. Definitely the most comfortable out there.

The Bad:

1) While I like the 5 point harness system, the cheaper models have the ability to be clipped in and out - the 5 point harness system is a little more cumbersome when changing from one child (middle) to two children, as you have to thread the straps through. It would be nice if they included a clip system to remove/adjust the shoulder straps.
2) The tubes in the tires are too light-weight (good for weight, bad for punctures/staying inflated). I have to pump up the tires every week, so I will be looking to replace with thicker tubes.
3) Too darn expensive. You have to pay top-dollar for the chassis, and then turn around and pay even more for the accessories. Chariot should consider including at least ONE kit with the chassis (maybe the strolling kit).
4) The quick-release jogging wheel has to be perfectly placed or it will rub against the canvas - not a deal breaker, just annoying
5) Handlebars are "reversible" but they don't tell you how to reverse the ergonomically shaped rubber grips - we ended up twisting them around, but now they feel loose (our fault, but clearer instructions would be nice - we still don't know what the actual solution should be)
6) Cargo area is great, but annoying when you have the jogging wheel stored on the back - Jogging wheel drags unless you have the cargo area stowed in the upright position.

Overall, we love our CX2, and would purchase it again. The trick is to find a really good coupon before taking the plunge - it is infinitely superior to the other carriers out there for quality, weight, versatility, and comfort.