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Best Sunglasses I've Owned!!

Love love love these sunglasses! I have tried more sunglass styles, brands, etc than I could ever count (Oakley, Smith...) and this is literally the first pair that fits me. I always have issues with the temple length and either the glasses sit on my ears and then don't rest flush on my nose or the other way around. So just finding a pair that fits was a great feat, but these Kaenon's are amazing in every other way! The other reviewers have all raved about the optics and I couldn't agree more. They are unlike anything I have worn before. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight so I needed a pair I could wear on those overcast or snowy but bright days and these are perfect. The don't make everything dark, they just cut the glare (guess that's what polarized glasses are supposed to do!). And on top of everything else, they are stylish too, an added bonus. Tried a couple other styles but they were all way to large. These are perfect, slightly oversized, wraparound. Never thought I would spend so much on sunglasses but these are worth every penny!