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Best NTN Boot out there

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hands down the best NTN boot there is. Considering all factors (bellows flex, lateral/torsional rigidity, bellows stiffness, quality product) this boot is the best offering for NTN.

And this is coming after I owned and had considerable use on Crispi Shivers, Garmont "False" Prophets, and finally Tx-Comps. I actually wish the bellows were a tad stiffer since there is no black springs option for NTN anymore.

The ski/walk mode is an added bonus as the older versions sucked when you would have one of the mini downhills while skinning and the boot stayed in the forward position. You can't go wrong with the tongue style liner as well. Absolutely loved it since the beginning; it really allows for you to get a more intimate fit than the wrap style. The new style instep buckle setup is pretty nice too. The only thing I would really want to see in this boot is tech fittings. Once that happens I'll be one happy NTN skier.

The only bad thing I can say of this set up is Scarpa dropping the booster strap that came standard with it as it really complemented the rest of the boot well. Picking one up would be worth the extra $30.

Seriously get this boot over any other boot available, it is the best overall option for those that want to charge and get everything out of their boot.