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Best Multitool Yet

This is the best multitool I've tried. Over the years I've had swiss army knives, an original leatherman, little leathermen, CRKT knives (great knives, but they aren't multi-tools). They have all been too heavy or too bulky to carry on a regular basis.

The Skeletool is a great exception. It is light enough to carry all the time. It has the carabiner to attach to a harness or radio pack (I actually bought it to use for ski patrolling), plus a clip to secure it in your pocket. It is light enough that I don't notice it in my pocket (I have the CX one, but I think they are both the same weight). The blade is sharp and functional, plus it opens with one finger, locks open and closes with one hand. You don't need to unfold the tool to access the blade either. The pliers work as advertised and the wire cutters clip zip-ties with aplomb. I picked up the bit kit because I wanted to have a 5mm allen key to be able to adjust/tighten my snowboard bindings which use a 5mm allen for all adjustments. I love that I can have one tip in the bit tip and one hidden in the handle. I don't have to carry the bit kit around with me or toss the extra bit in and risk losing it.

I sort of miss having a scissors in the tool, but I've found I can manage most tasks with the knife.

So far it has survived a camping trip to Yosemite - which included rock climbing where I finally got the first scratches on the tool, gutting and filleting four trout, and opening a six-pack worth of Fat Tire. A little bonus: the carabiner spring catches and hangs onto the bottle caps so you don't have to pick them up off the ground after you open a bottle!

Note: the current picture on this site shows a flat/razor blade. My CX came with a combo serrated/flat blade.