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Gear Review

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Best Drink Bottle Ever.

So I'm taking back my five stars. Took this waterbottle to Saint George and it fell 50 feet hit a side of slot canyon wall, and landed in water. Was stoked nothing was wrong no leaks no cracks no dents in the bottle, just little scratches. No big deal for that kind of beating. Then I bring it back to work it gets knocked off a small table falls right on the lid and cracked the lid instantly. So over all I am very satisfyied with the waterbottle, it is by far one of the best I have ever had. Water stayed cool after 8 hrs in the sun while everyone else was choking down hot water, I was enjoying mine(yes I did share). If why would fix the lid then I would give it 5 stars again. The plus side is you can buy new lids on the Hydroflask website for 4+shipping, I would just rather have a product I don't have to replace anything on. Despite the lid problem I will still be buying more products form them.