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Being sporty and very stylish at the same time

I love these tights for the looks and the ingenious anatomic design and fit. They make you feel like you care for your body and when being outside for a run it seems people would pick up on that.
I'm actually in early stages of running on a regular base and these tights are a life-savers. I'm still adjusting my body to the strenuous activity of running so finding the optimal balance between pushing my body to a maximum and avoiding excessive strains which would require longer recovery time is crucial.
The CW-X Pro tights are doing an excellent job, while running I feel this kind of smoothness and support in my movements and at the same time feeling almost like 'spring-loaded'. After running I like to keep them on for an extended time, I do notice how the compression helps to reduce muscle soreness. I also happen to actually sleep in them after my activities, it may be just me however I'm always amazed how my legs feel pretty well recovered the next day.

I've got one or two gripes about them since the fit on my body could be optimized:
I'm 6'0", 165lbs and took size M, where I also find myself in their sizing chart. As mentioned, the compression is great and feels just awesome on my legs. However: I've got some longer built legs and when having the conditioning web properly aligned with my knees, the distance between knees and crotch feels too short and the tights 'sag down' while running, leaving some kind of weird-feeling gap between my crotch and the tights. This propagates up to the waist where they eventually slide down to my pelvis bones and are pulling on them. I find myself pulling the hem up regularly which is annoying, and which is defeating the purpose of supporting the lower back. As it has been already mentioned, I too find the distance between crotch and waist too short. When resting or sleeping this is of course no issue :-) however I primarily would want the most perfect fit when being out and active.
Thus, perfect fit for me would be:
- 1 inch longer from the knee down to the ankle
- 1 inch longer from the knee up to the crotch
- 1 inch longer from crotch up to waist.
Having said that, if CW-X had an additional 'tall'-sizing for each of their size, it would be an absolute winner. As a direct comparison, the compression tights by 'SKINS' offer this versatile sizing option, for tall AND for short people. For the anatomic professionalism CW-X offers, it would be just appropriate if they'd offer this kind of wide range of sizing options too.

One tip: I found out that after washing and wearing them a few times they get softer and even more comfy; they felt kinda stiff in their brand-new condition.

Last but not least, a feature which I find incomprehensible and consider very unprogressive compared to the otherwise anatomic amaze they offer, is the seam around the crotch is still conventionally seamed instead featuring a flat-lock seam. I trust they will change to a flat-lock seam in future versions of CW-X tights.

To sum it up, the CW-X Pro tights are amazing ingenious piece of garment, and when introducing a flat-lock seam and additional sizing choices, it would be a class-leading winner in every aspects.
I would have given them a 5-star rating since I love them, however due to the optimization potential I found it's fair to offer 4 stars, while the one remaining star is for giving CW-X the motivational message that there's still room for reaching the goal "Class-Leading" and "Outstanding".

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I bought two pair in medium. I'm just over six feet tall and weigh around 155, 156. I also found these tights to be short from the waist to the crotch and constantly riding down, creating a saggy tent feeling between my crotch and the tight. Anyone got suggestions? I love the compression feeling, very supportive and the flat seams, but I'll probably be returning them if I don't get some helpful input. I'm don't want to look like a plummer in tights or be hiking them up every ten minutes on the trail.

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Update as follows. I think the problem is that I'm long waisted in the hips but I've found that by stretching the material of the leg all the way up from the ankle a bit further, without exposing the ankle, then pulling them up over my hip bones and tying them tight they seem to stay in place just fine. As I say I love the quality, I just hope this works. Otherwise the manufacturer should make short and long waisted versions of this otherwise excellent piece of gear.

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hi~ am 6'2" 200lbs 36" waist
which size do u recommend?
and this tight would be long enough to me?