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Gear Review

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Beautiful Shoes - but size a little smaller than usual.

Really, really like these - right out of the box solid fit and feel great climbing indoors and on steeper routes. The heel and toe hooking are definitely the shine points - I can crank from pretty strenuous body positions and don't feel any slippage.

Haven't pulled them out for anything dead vertical, since I have stiffer shoes for that kind of climbing.

My one issue is with sizing, and I'm tempted to re-order and downsize. They were perfect out of the box, but are stretching a lil bit much. I know shoe sizing is kinda personal, but here are my stats -

Foot - Size 10.5 running shoe, wider, relatively flat feet with a minimal morton's toe.

Climbing Shoe size w/ Sportiva -
Size 41.5 Testarossas, perfect fit.
Size 41 Pythons - shoes are physically 2 cm LONGER than the testarossas.
Size 41 Vipers - very close in size to my pythons.