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Beautiful Quality, but deceptively NOT warm

I bought this coat today and will be returning it. I live in Chicago without a car and need a coat that is impervious to the elements and that keeps me very warm when the temperature drops 20 degrees in an afternoon.
My previous coat was perfect in this regard--it never ever let me down, even in -30 degree winter. AS it was stolen the other day, I wanted to replace it with nothing less than the best money could buy.
After doing much research, I settled on the Canada Goose Mystique parka, which I must say is a very nice, slim-fit, well-made coat, but somehow isn't warm enough.
I wore it out for a test walk in 23 degree F weather, and my arms were very cold after 5 minutes. I felt the wind right through the coat, mostly in my limbs (my torso stayed warm). I even had a wool sweater underneath. The bottom flare was bulky and didn't keep my legs as warm as I would have wished. For $625, I would think that it would be lightweight AND warm enough for sub-zero temps. But it is certainly not a coat for anything under 30 degrees. It amazes me that Canada Goose would make such a long coat and not fill it with enough down to make such a bulky item worthwhile.
I am going with the Marmot Chelsea coat, which is half the price and much, much warmer (according to reviews on this site).

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I bought this jacket in July and couldn't wait to try it in cold weather. I also live in Chicago and yesterday the temperatures here fell to 25F with wind chill 14F. I wore a short sleeve t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve thin, cotton shirt on top, and of course my new parka over it. And I wasn't cold at all! Everything is well insulated so the wind doesn't penetrate. I felt like I was wearing a duvet. The hood is fantastic - the fit is snug but not tight, so it will never blown off your head. With all my old winter jackets when it got windy, and it is a frequent occurrence in Chicago - I had to hold my hood in place (and had frostbites on my hands), otherwise the wind would blow right through it and off my head (I don't like wearing hats).
The only thing that bothered me a little was rather tall collar, and it is quite stiff - if I zipped it all the way up, which would be nice as a scarf wouldn't be necessary, it was forcing my chin up and it was hard to tilt my head down. I wanted to avoid my face touching the collar, as I hate when over time my make up ends up on the clothes. So, I opted for keeping it slightly unzipped in my neck area, and I was still very warm.
I'm sure I will figure out how to deal with the collar a bit better by the time the temperatures here reach sub zero. Then, I anticipate, I will probably have to upgrade the t-shirts underneath for something thicker, but it won't be 6+ layers that I used to wear.
I also like how this jacket makes me look slim comparing to other brands and jackets of that bulk. Yes, it has some bulk as winter jacket should, but at the same time it is snug and you don't have to wear so many heavy layers underneath.

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I'm in Chicago downtown and I've zero issues with this coat keeping me warm love it!