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Be Careful

The product is okay, average quality, heavy for what you get. The harness system is good, and there is tons of room.
BIG PROBLEM: Gregory the company. If you have to deal with them. I was trying to get a clip from them, one of the buckles broke and they wouldn't send me one, even if I wanted to pay for it. They wanted me to package up the pack and send it to them for a quote on how much it will cost to fix. Um? Spend $25 on shipping to get "quoted" how much it will cost for a $.035 clip? I don't think so. Why does this happen? They wisely outsource their repairs to Summit now my Gregory Pack is at the back of my closet, where it will stay, and I am proudly using an Osprey Pack.

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So you retired a $250 pack, and bought another over a clip that was less than a buck?

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Dam.n right I did...I believe in customer service, I will never use another Gregory pack because of it. I could care less if it cost $10000. I would never use it again.