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Bad stance options

So for some reason Burton has decided to tell us what stance distances we can have...the reflex discs keep you imprisoned to the stances your board offers only, no micro adjustments like on other discs. So, for example, I'm stuck with 3/4" adjustments with my 4x4 board (Ride Berzerker). I like a 23" stance, but can only get 22 3/4" or 23.5". To me, a 1/4" is a big difference. So yeah, Burton screwed the pooch again. I loved their bindings for along time now, but I just cant understand why they feel the need to limit the consumer, almost punishing them for riding another board other than a Channel type. Union, Ride, Drake, Flow etc all figured out how to make a disc that works for any board you like and fully adjustable! Burton can't? Hmmm I don't believe that. So anyway, I'm done with their bindings...I want to adjust my bindings to the exact measurments i feel most comfortable at and allow me to have the most control, therefore the most fun! Is that too much to ask? Not if you buy bindings from a company that doesn't want to rule the market at the expense of the consumer's freedom to choose.
To be fair, the toe strap is the best out there I do believe, everything else is just ok...

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Oh yeah, and these come with THREE sets of discs! One set for their channel concept, one for 4x4 boards, and a third for their low end dumb 3D crap. So how does manufacturing THREE sets of discs keep costs down for then buyer? How does Burton defend that to the whole environmental aspect? Yeah we make three times as many plastic disc sets! Makes sense uh? Not so much...