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Bad doesn't begin to describe it...

What the hell was Patagonia thinking?

I ordered the pants and after they had shipped I realized I wanted the 'Alpine Guide pant'. I spoke to one of the salespeople at the downtown Seattle Patagonia store to see if they had both pants in stock in order to try them on. I had read a review somewhere else about the fact the 'Guide Pant' didn't have a front zipper or belt loops and I was seriously concerned about how they were going to fit. Well, I tried them on and let's just say... "They suck". Not the material, but the fit of a large was just weird. They do have a simple drawstring in the waist, but the crotch was MC Hammer'ish and the waist V's down in the front. Manscaping would be a must and they were uncomfortable when just raising up either leg through the crotch. So I tried a Medium and I couldn't get the waist of the pants past the height of my crotch, there is no way to open them up so they are what they are.

I am a 33" waist and ended up getting a 32" 'Alpine Guide Pant' Which I am wearing while I type this. They fit and feel great. The 'Guide Pant' fricken sucks. As soon as they get here they are going back.

Again, WTF was Patagonia thinking?