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Backpacking light for my 7 yr. old

I bought this kids headlamp for my 7 year old who is going on her first backpacking trip soon. Getting those 2 AAA batteries in this thing was like a crazy puzzle. Because it's marketed for a child who (apparently) is prone to removing the batteries and eating them, I guess? It comes with a tiny screw driver to loosen a tiny screw to open and close the battery compartment. Who's going to take this little screw driver with them everywhere this headlamp goes?! Why didn't they make it a flat head screw so you can use your leatherman tool or maybe a dime to open and close it?! Anyway, the screw was the first thing we removed and threw away. It works fine without it. Otherwise, easy to use the power button. It's just on/ off and the strap adjusts easily too.