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BOSS goggles

I got these for $19.50 from whiskey militia a few weeks ago, freaking amazing deal, and was so stoked to try them out on the mountain today. Purple Erkel.

The good: super lightweight, much lighter than a frames, which i usually use, and much more flexible than them as well. A frames always felt pretty rigid to me, but these flex and form to my face very well. The field of vision is amazing. If i look down, i can see a little bit of frame, side to side, maybe a tiny tiny bit, and up...nothing, just my eyebrows...amazing. i literally forgot they were on until it started raining and got drops on the lens. the foam is comfy. The lens tint is nice from the outside, pretty mirrored on a sunny day, and from the inside, seems to be just about the right tint for an all around lens, not to light, not too dark. it's not dark like fire iridium, but not light like a pink iridium or persimmon. pretty good. the goggles are huge, i look like a boss, and they are so comfortable, more even than a frames on my face.

The bad: the optical quality of the lens is not as good as oakley or smith. i always heard that oakley and smith were better than the rest, and i never really believed that you would be able to tell a difference with other companies, but the clarity on the goggles just isn't quite up to the oakleys. with my a frames, i forget i'm looking through a piece of plastic. with these...there are a few aberrations and weird spots, and it just doesn't seem as clear. hard to explain. they're great, just not as good as some others. not enough to worry about or not buy them for though. also, the strap lacks some sticky material to keep the goggles on your helmet. i wish it had that. other than those things, the goggles are top notch.

i wouldn't pay 150 for these, but they are sick goggles. i might convert from my a frames to these, i feel like overall, i like them more. just fit better, cooler look, no fog, dope goggles.

couldn't be happier, especially for $20