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Gear Review

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Just got back from my first trip with the BLAZE and this pack is BOMB. 5 days 265 miles later on the SHT; Duluth to Canada, this pack was unbelievable. The funny thing is Two Harbors is where Granite Gear is made just 25 minutes north east of Duluth and I have never tried any of their packs before. Being a local I see them around, and finally tried it for a fast pack. What I liked about it is it is light and incredibly simple. The shoulders and waist belt are really comfortable. The waistbelt is thicker and has more padding than the Vapor which I like. The pack has no frills and the simple top load is very very pragmatic which I like. The only thing I really did not like about this pack is the back plate, because the shoulder straps are attached to it and I could not remove it, but it did not weigh all that much so I was not to concerned. The material and construction were dynamite. Really I can't say enough. The pack seated nicely with about 32 lbs of gear and food to begin with, and we ended with a pack weight of about 22 lbs losing 10 lbs in food over the 5 days. The shoulder pads never wore on my shoulders and the belt stayed pretty cool around the waist (two of my concerns always). The hydration sleeve worked well and adapted to a couple of different field bladders we were testing. I was really impressed with the volume of this pack. It is about a 55-57 liter pack in the regular and the volume felt like there was a lot of room left after I was all packed. I am 5'10" 165 and I fit perfectly in the medium belt and regular torso, keeping in mind that torso sizes vary considerably person to person.