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BEWARE BUYER These pants are junk

I bought 3 pairs of these pants in July of 2012. After only wearing the one pair half a dozen times it is starting to develop holes in the outside of the pockets, the material in these pants are so thin. I called Arcteryx their reply you can send them in for valuation and it will be 8 weeks. 8 weeks to look at a defective pair of pants is past a joke. And then he states that he really doesn't think that it would be a warranty issue and would have to let me know what the charges would be to fix them. The pants are a rip off at any price but when you are paying a 100 dollars a pair you expect some decent quality. I read a complaint on how noisy they are and that statement is very true, that part does not really bother as much as the quality of their product. When buying these I thought they would of been made in the US but no they are just made in China like most inexpensive clothing. The only thing with these pants are they cheap in quality and you pay a premium for this junk. And their customer service has even less quality than the pants. BUYER BEWARE

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Good warning on the product, but if you bought them at backcountry or perhaps a brick and mortar store (e.g. REI), won't they have taken care of the return for you without the hassle?

It's a good idea that for any gear that you are particular about, to pay the premium to get it from retail outfits with better customer service.

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I'd be very careful about anyone taking reviews like Rick Krompel's at face value. They are generally vague about the product's defects, and never mention the fact that reputable outlets would gladly take a defective product back and offer an exchange or full refund. The fact also of providing a review on a site he obviously didn't purchase from shows there is a good chance of foulplay involved.

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It sort of sounds like Mr. Krompel got luke warm customer service. He seems angry, consequently he forfeits credibility.

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I agree with other the review opens with "I bought 3 pairs..."

OK, so how did the other 2 pairs handle? Why would you buy 3 pairs of the same pant at the same time without even knowing about it...?

And most importantly, buy from backcountry (or heck,REI) and you wont have this problem :)