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Freezing colds hands are no long a problem for me. Living in Minnesota, I tried several gloves to walk my dog, ski, etc. and I always froze. Our temps fluctuate between 20 to -13 (any colder and I won't go outside). I read all the reviews about this glove (and websites about other warm gloves) but bought the XCR Mitt and the women's Heli Mitt to compare. I found the XCR to be warmer and everything I wanted. I'm also happy that I didn't spend what my husband spent on his North Face gloves meant for climbing Everest (which he'll never do). These gloves are extremely warm, not bulky and a great fit. I am truly COLD all the time and these gloves are the first ever to keep my hands warm the entire time I am outside. I can even take my hands out to pick up my dogs "stuff" and they warm back up quickly in these gloves. I think I'll find them for kids so my frozen 4 year old can be warm too. I will forever buy Hestra!!!