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BD Spark! Go buy it!

my girlfriend went to REI...(1st mistake)...and bought one of REI's packs..(2nd mistake)...after very little convincing of how worthless that pack was and how heavy, bulky, and fugly it was, she took it back to REI and returned it. while we were there i was browsing through the packs to kill time and i came across this beaut. the hip belt is the best in design IMO. it sits on a swivel and is incredibly comfy. i waved my girlfriend over and she about had a heart attack she was so in love with it. it looks great and has great features and functionality. i really dig the compression pouch on the front and the shoulder straps are super comfy too. i had to convince her not to buy it right then and there at REI. not near as good as a return policy as plus they're way overpriced and have several employees that are oblivious to the outdoor world. "what? we have Black Diamond pack?...huh lemme check the computer....yups..looks like we do..." that seems to be a reoccurring theme when we stop in. but there are some good folks there too. anywho. REI didn't even have her size in stock, and i convinced my girlfriend that..of will have it in stock...and have more color options. she was sold. this pack feels like and functions like a top and front loader pack. solid back panel that helps hold its form and helps out those with back issues and is not a floppy design. i can go on and on about the pack but just know you need to buy it. the design is classic black diamond and if you're girlfriend wants to get a pack...i'd highly recommend this one.

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I enjoyed the review, although there are a few things I would like to point out. 1) REI has the same return policy in every way as Example: Returns are allowed even after 15+ years in any condition 2) I have always had amazing customer service at REI, you must have gotten someone new.. I always learn something new when I go there. and Last but not least 3) REI does not sell anything more than the MSRP, which noone is allowed to sell these sorts of things for higher than that anyway. But I do appreciate the review, I am going to go straight to REI and get this for my girlfriend ;)