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Gear Review

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BD C4s are dynamite

These are the bomb. A thing of beauty. A mechanical wonder. Impeccable quality. Nothing quite as comforting as seeing a C4 stuck in your crack as you climb on. This set gives you a good range to start with, or to double up later. At 53 years old I am not emarrassed to say that they make a great place to rest before that otherwise impending screamer. They are much easier to place than toying around with passive pro when you are pumped out and reaching that emotional moment. Not that passive does not have its place. There is nothing more beautiful than a well placed hex camming its way between the crack. Heck, if was not for BDs predecessor Yvon Chouinard inventing the hex, Ray Jardine may not have invented the cam. Not to take anything away from Jardine, but who knows? As far as cams go, look no further.